Our Veterinarians

We have many veterinarians on our team at Prescott Animal Hospital and our Equine Center.
At our Equine Center, we have three main veterinarians who see large animal patients on a daily basis.

Excellent caring vets and staff. I have been very pleased with the care my goats have received from the vets at Prescott Equine Center. When I have a question I have gotten a response the same day. Their fees are also very competitive, which is a big plus. I will continue using Prescott Equine Center. -Angela C.

The care of my horses is very important to me. I have been using PAH for about 14 years. The staff especially Dr. Nolte have done an excellent job. In times of illness they have been at my barn immediately. I remember several years ago when my horse Joe was extremely ill. Dr. Nolte was going on a trip and called me from the airport to see has Joe was doing. The staff will also follow-up with me after an illness. Dr. Nolte has also been here on Thanksgiving when a horse was in early stage of colic. Any time I have questions they will always answer them for me. -Hank P.

Additional Large Animal Veterinarians

There are also three additional veterinarians who work primarily at our Companion Animal office, but you may see throughout your visits. To learn more about them, visit our Companion Animal website.