Mobile Service

Prescott Animal Hospital Equine Center is primarily an ambulatory hospital. What this means is that typically we go out to see our patients in the field.

Cattle, Farm and Ranch Calls

Each of the veterinarians have a hospital truck that is supplied with anything they might need for the visit. Field work can be a challenging task due to inclement weather conditions or less than ideal location.

Ambulatory clinics must maintain a very flexible schedule, if any emergency comes up the doctor may have to adjust their route and prioritize the day. One large benefit of an ambulatory practice is that patients are taken care of in the comfort of their own home and don't have the added stress of a strange environment. Also doctors typically have more time to build relationships with our clients getting a very detailed and thorough history of the patient. 

Many different procedure can be done in the field including vaccinations, castrations, dental care and laceration repairs.