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Techs are the backbone of our practice

National Veterinary Technician Appreciation week is October 16-22, 2016. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the veterinary technicians that work here at Prescott Animal Hospital Equine Center. The clinic could not function without the work they do on a daily basis; they are the backbone of our practice. Multiple hats Having this [...]

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Equine Parasite Prevention: The seen and unseen pests

Farm animal and equine parasite prevention Parasites are never a benefit to an animal Parasites are organisms that derive their nourishment and shelter from other creatures (hosts), such as your horse and other animals. Without treatment, most parasites live their entire lives with a host. As the host, a parasite’s presence is never a benefit [...]

Backyard Goat Ownership

Need to Know Basics of Goat Healthcare A recent surge in pet goat ownership has been seen across the country, and the Prescott area is no exception! Goats are smart, wonderful companions, and due to their size can be housed in fairly small yards. They are truly amazing creatures, and never cease to amaze their [...]

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Pain Management in the Horse

Pain is Important Pain management in the horse is an everyday part of the equine veterinarian’s practice. Therefore a good working knowledge of the various analgesic medications available is essential. However the need for knowledge of pain management goes beyond just the veterinarian, as it is also important that horse owners have a basic understanding [...]

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