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Equine Insurance

Have you considered Equine Insurance for your horse? Your ownership of a horse represents a significant investment of time, money and resources. Horses have a tendency to be prone to illness, accidents and injury, and while no one likes to think about tragedy, it is better to plan ahead then during a time of crisis. [...]

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Equine Osteoarthritis: A Real Pain in the Joint

When the vast majority of horse people hear that a horse has osteoarthritis, the first image that enters their brain is the old, stiff gaited, retiree horse that does nothing more than stand in a field and graze all day. After all, doesn’t osteoarthritis (OA) at minimum cause a dramatic reduction in a horse’s performance [...]

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Equine Nutrition

How do you feed your horse? Equine nutrition is an integral part of horse health, and should be the focus of every horse owner. Historically, horses have evolved from wild herds that graze and move all day, through work animals only, to finally specialized uses. These equine occupations vary from trail riding to performance horses [...]

Equine Allergies

Horse Allergies Horses can acquire a variety of issues that are commonly attributed to allergic reactions. Some of these conditions include pruritic (itchy) skin diseases, recurrent urticaria (raised skin lesions), allergic rhinoconjunctivitis (swelling of the tissue around the eye and inside of the nose), and reactive airway disease. One of the most well understood equine [...]

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