What You Deserve How We Care When your horse looks into your eyes, they don't see faults. They don't see imperfections. They see their hero. We believe the love you two share is truly beautiful. And because of what you mean to each other, you deserve a special kind of veterinary partner. A partner who shares your deep love of horses. A partner who is not only exceptionally talented, but who truly cares. A partner who yearns to build a utopia for horse lovers. That's what we're building here. Because you deserve that. And you always have. We are proud of our facility. It's state-of-the-art, and unmatched in its technology for many miles. Simply put, there is a lot of space between what people typically expect from an equestrian hospital and what we have built here. But more than that, it is the people that make this place special. Everyone here is so passionate about building a better world for every horse and horse owner that walks through our doors. Everyone here takes the time to truly listen to you and understand you. Everyone here cares, right down to their bones. We're all horse lovers here. And we're going to care for your horse like they were our very own.

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What your neighbors say…

Thank you P.A.H. Equine Center for all of your tireless work to care for our furry families!! Thank you Dr Nolte and crew for helping our 30year old equine friend cross over to greener pastures with great care when we were not able to be there. P.A.H. Is the best.


The vet was so caring and compassionate, even at 2 in the morning! The horse had to stay several nights and we received updates on her condition throughout the nights and days she was there. I wish our doctors were as tentative and caring as the doctors here. Thank you for saving our mare!