Equine Reproductive Services

Prescott Animal Hospital Equine Center provides routine reproduction services for mares, including pre-breeding examinations with uterine ultrasounds, vaginal exams, uterine cultures, uterine infection treatments and uterine biopsies.

The reproductive services we offer include heat cycle management, pregnancy diagnosis, twin reduction, and artificial insemination with cooled or fresh semen. All semen samples are evaluated via microscope for sperm motility and morphology.

For mares with poor conformation or poor uterine tone we offer caslick placement and progesterone monitoring. Prescott Animal Hospital Equine Center also has a fully functioning equine hospital where we can offer mare boarding for repeat reproductive examinations to reduce traveling expenses and improve accuracy in heat detection.

Newborn Foal Examinations

In addition, we also offer newborn foal examinations, IgG testing and hospitalization care for sick or abnormal foals. We can provide management of post-partum disorders, such as retained placentas or repair of minor vaginal tears.

Equine Reproductive Services in Prescott Arizona

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