Full Service Hospitalization

The Prescott Animal Hospital Equine Center prides itself on patient care, making our hospitalization services essential to the practice. We are the highest-equipped clinic for veterinary hospitalization in Yavapai County. Our hospitalization services include but are not limited to:

  • Colic Care
  • Fluid Therapy
  • Boarding, Medical Treatments
  • Post-Op Care
  • Intensive Care.

Colic Hospitalization Services

Colic can approach quickly, with no explanation to why. The patient can be hospitalized for further diagnostics and pain management, depending on the findings from the initial exam. We have the ability to perform in-house bloodwork that allows the clinician to quickly assess hydration status. In most colic cases, the patients can become dehydrated quickly. If the patient presents with dehydration, the hospital is equipped for IV fluids to maintain hydration. Fluid Therapy is performed in a stall with close monitoring.

Equine Hospitalization Boarding

Boarding allows us to perform a higher quality of medicine. Services we are able to provide while boarding at our horse clinic include monitoring heat cycles for our AI services, also clients can drop patients off for day of appointments and pick up at the end of the day if needed.

In some case we can treat patients if clients are unable to, such as hoof abscess, wound care, and ophthalmic care. Treating an eye can be an around the clock challenge that some clients are unable to perform due to daily activities. We have hourly care during business hours that allows us to provide thorough patient care.

Post-Op Hospitalization For Horses

After our patients have a general surgery, most of the time we recommend hospitalization for post op care. This allows our technicians and veterinarians to monitor for any complications.

Every stall is sanitized thoroughly between patients to maintain good biosecurity and cleanliness. We have a round pen for turn out purposes and the ability to hand walk patients as needed. We offer feeding options, which can be dependent on the diagnosis. Two of our nine stalls act as mare and foal stalls, with a separate four stalled mare motel.

Full Service Equine Hospitalization in Prescott Arizona

If you need full hospitalization for your horse, please contact us or make an appointment today!

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