Preventative Care

Why is my horse so hairy?

Last month, we learned about Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS) and laminitis in Timber, a middle-aged gelding. This month we are going to focus on a similar metabolic disease seen typically in older horses. This is the story of Spud, a 21-year-old Appendix Quarter Horse gelding, used as a children’s light riding horse. I met Spud…

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Equine Parasite Prevention

Farm animal and equine parasite prevention Parasites are never a benefit to an animal Parasites are organisms that derive their nourishment and shelter from other creatures (hosts), such as your horse and other animals. Without treatment, most parasites live their entire lives with a host. As the host, a parasite’s presence is never a benefit…

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Summer Has Arrived

Summer has definitely arrived in Prescott. Now that summer is here, there is more daylight to ride during, and plenty of nice sunny days to be outside. To go along with this time of the year we have started to see daytime high temperatures reaching the high 80’s and even 90 degrees. During these days…

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